Sohji Panels

Sohji Panels have been used for centuries in Japan and are now redesigned beyond the traditional to a whole new horizon. The sohji screens can be used as room dividers providing an elegant way to visually transform a space or to create length and width in a room, simply by moving the screens. Sohjis can be free standing, installed on tracks, mounted on walls or used as window treatments for a striking visual engagement of light through opacity.

These custom made sohji screens are suitable for both residential and commercial use. Choose from award-winning designs, including traditional Japanese styles, or classic styles reminiscent of the Art Deco era. Or, create your own grid design.

Complete hardware systems available for sliding, bifolding, or shutter-style applications. We offer a wide variety of woods (lacquered or stained) for the frames and an array of finishes and inserts. The traditional Plexi, Rice Paper finishes and woven textures which can be double or single faced. The screens are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Whether used as window treatments, room dividers, light covers, cabinet or pocket doors, these translucent panels impart a timeless serenity to any setting.

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Sohji gallery
   Sohji gallery   Sohji gallery